nifty7.minimization.conjugate_gradient module#

class ConjugateGradient(controller, nreset=20)[source]#

Bases: Minimizer

Implementation of the Conjugate Gradient scheme.

It is an iterative method for solving a linear system of equations:

Ax = b

  • controller (nifty7.IterationController) – Object that decides when to terminate the minimization.

  • nreset (int) – every nreset CG steps the residual will be recomputed accurately by applying the operator instead of updating the old residual


Jorge Nocedal & Stephen Wright, “Numerical Optimization”, Second Edition, 2006, Springer-Verlag New York

__call__(energy, preconditioner=None)[source]#

Runs the conjugate gradient minimization.

  • energy (Energy object at the starting point of the iteration.) – Its metric operator must be independent of position, otherwise linear conjugate gradient minimization will fail.

  • preconditioner (Operator optional) – This operator can be provided which transforms the variables of the system to improve the conditioning. Default: None.


  • QuadraticEnergy – state at last point of the iteration

  • int – Can be controller.CONVERGED or controller.ERROR