nifty7.operators.linear_interpolation module#

class LinearInterpolator(domain, sampling_points)[source]#

Bases: LinearOperator

Multilinear interpolation for points in an RGSpace

  • domain (RGSpace) –

  • sampling_points (numpy.ndarray) – Positions at which to interpolate, shape (dim, ndata),


Positions that are not within the RGSpace are wrapped according to periodic boundary conditions. This reflects the general property of RGSpaces to be tori topologically.

apply(x, mode)[source]#

Applies the Operator to a given x, in a specified mode.

  • x (Field) – The input Field, defined on the Operator’s domain or target, depending on mode.

  • mode (int) –

    • TIMES: normal application

    • ADJOINT_TIMES: adjoint application

    • INVERSE_TIMES: inverse application

    • ADJOINT_INVERSE_TIMES or INVERSE_ADJOINT_TIMES: adjoint inverse application


The processed Field defined on the Operator’s target or domain, depending on mode.

Return type: